Isn’t Technology Brilliant?

In bed this morning I listened to last week’s Archers. Not particularly technological, until you consider how I got to hear it.

We couldn’t manage the omnibus last weekend (we had visitors), so I downloaded the podcasts via iTunes to the PC. The PC is running TVersity, which is a DLNA/uPNP Media Server. This means that clients on our home network can see music, photos and videos on the PC.

One such client is the Playstation 3 (PS3); sometime during the week I downloaded the Archers podcasts to the PS3 in anticipation of listening when the PC wasn’t turned on (although that is never whilst Donna is home). I also made a playlist to join all the episodes together and play them in order.

This morning I used the Playstation Portable (PSP) to connect via WiFi and the internet to the PS3 and run Remote Start, which effectively makes the PSP a small remote control for the PS3. From there, I played the Archers playlist into the bedroom stereo via the headphone socket into the AUX input.

And it all worked!

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