It’s “down to me”

Dear Derek,

Hi, James. Thanks for emailing me. Allow me to reply.

Parliament isn’t working. Instead of getting on with the country’s priorities, MPs have spent all their time arguing about Brexit.

On this, we can agree.

We need to break the deadlock that is preventing Parliament from getting Brexit done, so that we can move on.

“Getting Brexit done”. You Conservatives keep saying that as if it means something, but without ever saying what it means or why you are intent on continuing with it. You also neglect to mention the many, many years of grief, arguing and negotiations which will follow this mythical “done.”

This retarded way of thinking is exactly why there is deadlock. You failed to specify what Brexit was before holding a referendum. It is entirely your fault.

With this election, we have a chance to ensure the country has a functioning government. A government that works for the people, and delivers on voters’ priorities.

Yes, by voting you out. As you know, but are too scared of your financial backers to acknowledge, the country is now in favour of staying in the EU. Despite that, the people’s priorites are NHS, housing, police, and having a nice country to live in. Not lower taxes for already wealthy individuals and companies.

On the 12th of December, you’ll cast your vote. So the next five years are down to you.

Brilliant. If only I had this power.

We can end the uncertainty, end the delays – and put Britain back on the road to a brighter future.

Really? The delays such as proroguing parliament? If this road is one where you promise to revoke Article 50, maintain our trade deals with the world, welcome people from the EU who work and contribute to our country’s wealth, then I’m in.

Getting Brexit done with our new deal. £33.9 billion extra for the NHS. 20,000 extra police officers. More money for every single school in the country. And a growing economy.

Your new deal which is so bad you will not publish the Treasury’s report? The one you tried to rush through Parliament without any impact assessment? The one which removed the backstop by implementing it immediately?

These 20,000 police officers – that’s not quite enough to replace the ones you’ve sacked already is it? More money for schools, you say, but not enough to guarantee an education 5 days a week.

This “growing economy” which the National Institute of Economic and Social Research said will shrink the economy by 4% and cost £70 billion over the next ten years?

But here’s the risk. Labour and the Lib Dems can’t win a majority. So the more votes they get, the more likely another hung parliament is.

You say that. You can’t possibly know. Anyway, I’m personally in favour of co-operation in government.

The other parties have ruled out a coalition with us. So in a hung parliament, Jeremy Corbyn would be in charge. For Five. Long. Years.

Bloody. Good. Thing.

Five years of tax rises, out-of-control spending, more referendums, and politicians arguing about Brexit. The same politicians who spent the last three years getting nothing done.

Tax rises are good. Cutting taxes just means less money for the things which make a society work. If you need to see “out-of-control spending,” just check the bribe given to the DUP, or the waste of Brexit spending on misleading ads, minted & melted down commemorative coins, literally anything Chris Grayling has done, or the £1,821.3 billion National Debt your government has run up.

So let’s not go back to square one. The road to a brighter future starts today. And it starts with you.

Square One was good. We held the Olympics, everybody was happy and the world was impressed. Now we are a laughing stock, with a proven liar as Prime Minister and it was your party which put us here.

If it starts with me, I’m voting for anybody but you.

Yours sincerely,Rt Hon James Cleverly MP
Chairman of the Conservative Party

Yours sincerely,
Derek Law

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