Religious Blacklist

Saturday morning: I was sat at home alone when I spotted the usual smartly dressed family groups wandering up and down the street carrying briefcases. Hooray! Religious nutters coming to call. I really enjoy talking to these poor people and trying to shine the light of reason into their deluded minds.

A young lad was standing by the door, waiting for his partner to arrive. I girded my loins whilst externally adopting a casual air of pretending not to have noticed. And then he was called away! I was left untouched by their attempts at conversion. I was really disappointed. Perhaps I managed to get the young girl who I chased after last time* to see sense and denounce creationism, and they fear for their membership. I wonder if I’m on a list? I’d like to think so.

*She said there was nothing I could say to change her mind about evolution, but I hadn’t been completely awake when the doorbell had rung. Only as I shut the door did MRSA occur to me as a nice example, so when they later walked back up the street I stepped out and carried on the conversation. They withdrew.

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