It can’t be a lot of fun, working for a recruitment agency. However, it says very little for their chances of success pushing candidates if they can’t recruit decent staff themselves. I am on the mailing list of a company called JAM and they send me the most appalling emails. I received two in two days, and I’m now compelled to share them:

Here at JAM we specialise heavily within our market sector and have a second to none standard on candidate approaching us at all times. – Mark Davies

I’m not really sure what Mark is trying to say. Jamie, on the other hand, needs to get an emailer with a speelchecker:

Bryan is a widely experianced Mechanical Design Engineer, with vast experiance in the Defence and Aerospace sectors. – Jamie Wise

Gavin is a Chartered Engineer with extensive experiance in the lift industry, who is looking for a fresh challenge. I’m not sure if you have vacancy’s in his area, but hope he can be of use. If not just drag in the trash. – Jamie Wise

Poor Gavin, dragged into the trash. The next I have to quote in its entirety:

Hi there ive come across candidate 35890 whom is seeking a opportunity UK Wide. He has an in-depth electronics knowledge (technical level)

He has implemented the latest RoHS and WEEE standards to a number of companies and does not mind getting his hands dirty.

After speaking to him on a number of occasion about possible opportunity’s at your organisation he was immediately interested in getting to know more.- Imran Rafiq

I actually complained to the company about that one, pointing out to them that it was less than productive. I received no reply. I’d like to be able to tell the prospective candidates how they are being advertised, but there is obviously no way to get in touch with them.

Perhaps it’s a cunning ploy to make them stand out from the crowd? Nah.

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