Round-Up Robin

I’ve been very lax. Busy, but that’s no excuse. My excuse is that I wanted to do pictorial fancy reportage of stuff, but that is too burdensome and so to catch up all in one requires a Christmas Round Robin style holiday bragging session, but at least the slideshow is optional.

A promise to take Wen’s parents to catch the Eurostar ended up with us spending the weekend in Paris.

Then we continued at midsummer by going to Glastonbury. We even bought a gas stove and a little kettle. You may recall that it rained. There was also mud. If we can get tickets, and can find some travelling companions, we shall probably go again next year.

At the end of July, we went to Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore. It was hot, humid and fabulous.

Then for our Silver Wedding Anniversary (isn’t that something old people have? Don’t I remember my parents’?), Alf & Anne organised a Champagne Tasting Weekend in Reims. We were promised a weekend drinking “more champagne than you’ve ever drunk in your life”. We thought that would be a tall order for Anne, but I think that we managed – certainly more kinds of champage.

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