No "War on Terror"

I don’t normally comment on comment – although isn’t that what Blogs are for? Many years ago I used to write a topical “Phrase Of The Day” on the whiteboard at Harlequin and even kept a list of them on one of the first web pages I ever wrote (sadly internal only in those days, and location currently unknown).


The front page of the Guardian yesterday (which I only read today, rural paper delivery having a somewhat random nature) had the most marvellous paragraph, written by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Sir Ken Macdonald:

“It is critical that we understand that this new form of terrorism carries another more subtle, perhaps equally pernicious, risk. Because it might encourage a fear-driven and inappropriate response. By that I mean it can tempt us to abandon our values. I think it important to understand that this is one of its primary purposes.”

Read more of this clear thinking here.

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