Light Bulb

Light Bulb
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This lightbulb is at least 15 years old – because it moved house with us in October 1991 – and probably a couple of years older than that.

It was one of our first low-energy lightbulbs, it weighs a ton, and says “18W 800 lumen” on the side. Dunno what that is equivalent to in standard watts, which is what they all say now.

We had it on the landing, because we left the light on when the children went to bed and didn’t turn it off until we retired. That used to be later. Nowadays, obviously, we go to bed first – at least when Donna is home.

So why mention it? It has finally died. Pretty good value, even if I have no idea how much it cost. I’ll quite miss it, the way it flickered into life and got gradually brighter as it warmed up. And it helped raise the children.

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  1. We only took that single long-life bulb, and we left a standard bulb in its place.

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