Maybe there’s life in the Labour Party yet

John Prescott was on Today this morning.

He was talking about the Conservative Plan to increase the inheritance tax limits, a tax change which would benefit approximately 1% of people in the country – the richest, of course – almost all living in Chelsea and Kensington. Mr Prescott said,

“it will be the only tax cut ever proposed where the man making it will know by name everyone who will benefit.”


Democracy Inaction 2009

This time, the people of Willingham, Over and Longstanton didn’t vote for a representative on Cambridgeshire County Council.

Despite the political cloud hanging over Shona after her brief tenure as leader of the council, she managed to convince 63% of the electorate to stay at home.
Actual details:

Candidate Party Votes
Charlie Wilson Labour 185
Rob Falla Libdem 888
Shona Johnstone Tory 1485
Lazy Bastards 4448

Tyranny & Messages

“Cannabis is a class B drug”.

The only message it gives me is that politicians are weak, the leaders are completely in hock to the tabloid press, and that the Labour party is getting close to being as bad as the Tories*. The very fact that stupid posh git Cameron agrees with it should be proof enough that it’s the wrong thing to do. Gordon Brown is ignoring the considered opinion of an independent commission (although he inexplicably waited for them to report before ingnoring them), and is doing what he thinks is good for us anyway. Tyrant isn’t a word to bandy around, but this blatant bollocks has got to stop.

*Just shows how long it is since we suffered under Maggie’s jackboot that I can even think that.

Democracy Inaction

Democracy Inaction
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How depressing is this? Just two candidates to choose from, 32% turnout.
The winner, as always and inexplicably a tory here in the countryside, started her statement complaining that Council Tax had doubled since 1997, and ended it complaining that the Government had capped it.

What should it be? Obviously the people don’t care either way.