Insurance Time Travel

This hurts my head.

Apparently, my car insurance renewal notification got lost in the post. Prompted by Wen, I finally decided to check last night and discovered that last year’s insurance ran out on the 6th. Oops! I quickly went online and insured myself with Directline (the interwebs never sleeps).

This morning I rang Egg (for it was they) to find out why they hadn’t sent my renewal notice. They said they did, in August. Another mystery. However, having not heard from me, they had automatically renewed my insurance and the certificate was already in the post. I asked how much, and it was a lot more than Directline, so I declined.

“Fair enough,” they said. “We will cancel it and refund the payment.”

So, even though I thought I wasn’t insured, I was – but now that I have cancelled it, I wasn’t. Ebbeh.

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