We went to Mike‘s BBQ on Star Wars Bank Holiday Monday and had a very pleasant time. We particularly enjoyed watching all the other guests run around after their small-to-medium sized children, whilst we just reminisced about how that used to be for us.

I was chastised for not updating this blog, but that’s only by and compared to Mike – and he’s obsessive. Or rather, he used to be; it’s gone a bit quiet there lately what with the new job and all…
Afterwards we went into town to see “Låt den rätte komma in”, a Swedish coming-of-age vampire love story. See it now before the ‘merkins remake it. Which I will brand “fail” now.
Not fail according to early reviews, and a film I am very much looking forward to, is “Star Trek”. I’ve been a fan forever – the first two colour TV programmes I saw were episodes of Star Trek (now Star Trek: TOS): a small snatch on the bar telly at my Great Uncle Ron’s pub (before it opened) and a whole episode at my friend Andrew’s house when I was at Sunny Bank Primary School.

One thought on “Chastised”

  1. Dereliction of duty now rectified over in

    Very good to see you t’other day. Sorry was I was do distracted flipping burgers. Wish I’d spent more time talking. I’ve learned my lesson.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing the Star Trek film (which looks better than previous ones). Not that I’ll ever escape the gravity field of looking after Master Yoda (to mix/split a space metaphor of sorts).

    Force be with you and all that.

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