I order stuff off the interweb all the time. If it fits through the letterbox – DVDs, CDs, games – then I get it sent home. Everything else I have delivered to work and generally that used to work out fine. Almost all my Christmas shopping last year was subcontracted by Santa via the office.

Since we moved a little closer to Cambridge from the wild fenlands, however, the delivery times have changed. So a “signed-for” ParcelForce package which somebody has to be in to receive obviously goes to work. The address is “Oakington Business Park”, so there is a clue there. They try to deliver it at 8:05 in the morning. They leave a card: “we will attempt delivery tomorrow”. I bet they wouldn’t deliver at home at 8-oh-bloody-5.

I suspected it was for me, so I came in an hour early (what businesses start at 8:00am? Milkmen? Certainly not postmen.) and they were here again at exactly the same time. Why would you do that? (I know, as a software engineer, I always see if it happens again, but I get more than 2 attempts before I give up.)

I suppose it worked. I got the parcel.

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