Slightly Dugg

You probably know about Digg and the Digg Effect, which is slightly similar to being “slashdotted”.

Thankfully, that hasn’t happened to me, but I was brushed by it. Today I read a Digg article about a “hollow screen” image – the trick of putting an image on a screen which makes it appear that the screen is transparent. It’s on flickr, and it’s quite a good picture, and one of the comments on that picture pointed to another image.

I have a “hollow screen” picture, which I made nearly two years ago, and this morning it had 121 views. So I added another comment pointing at my picture, and now – just 8 hours later – it has 1497 views and an extra comment.


One thought on “Slightly Dugg”

  1. Quick leave a picture off a Nike trainer. Make some money out of it whilst you have your 15 minutes of fame.[1]


    [1] This comment was brought to you by Coca Cola. Enjoy the real thing!

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