Foreign Criminals

I can’t understand this current fuss about non-deported criminals, other than from the point of view that it’s a good stick to beat the government with. Now, the government do need beating with a stick, but every time we’ve replaced an apparently bad Home Secretary, the next one along has been even worse. I thought Jack Straw was a dangerous nutter, but then we got David Blunkett. He seemed more right-wing than Michael Howard, but along came Charles Clarke and Bingo! Identity Cards and the database state. I tremble to think what new horror John Reid will introduce.

Still, back to Johnny Foreigner. They’ve not been let out early. They’ve not escaped. These people are ex-cons. They have served their time, paid their debt to society. If they were good old-fashioned British criminals then that would be an end to it: lesson learnt, wrists slapped, “sorry, guv, bang to rights, won’t let it happen again”. You could bleat about lenient sentences, excessive time off for good behaviour, etc. but the punishment, fitting or not, is done.

Not so the Foreign Criminals. Inherently untrustworthy, they must be shipped off back to “whence they came” lest they relapse into their bad ways; or, worse, the ultimate threat, become terrorists.

Is the real world visible in any of this?

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