I’m working on an intel XScale chip – it’s based on an ARM core (it used to be a StrongARM when DEC developed it) – yet however neat the processor core ARM have developed is, getting any information out of that company is really, really difficult.

I mean, they’re only down the road from here, and I know several people who work there, but even though we have an ARM Development System the only way to find out how the damned MMU works is to buy the ARM Architecture Reference Manual. (“Affectionately called the ARM ARM” – ha ha.)

Unaffectionately called forty-nine bleeding pounds ninety-nine! Jeebus!

Quick survey of Cambridge bookshops:

Borders: would have to order it from USA(?)

Heffers: can order it and have it in 8 days

Waterstones: have 1 on the shelves.

Phew. Job saved.

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