Good Customer Service

I have a Braun shaver. I still think of it as my new shaver, but it’s probably over 10 years old now. I was cleaning it before going on holiday (don’t want all those whiskery bits in the toilet bag) and the little springly plastic bit on the side of the head snapped off.

Why does that always happen just before going away? My last shaver broke before I went up to Glasgow for a wedding. I had to buy a razor. Ouch.

When I got back after a week with a bit of Sellotape and tricky ninja shaver grip, I rang the Braun service centre. The very nice man apologetically told me that they no longer make spare parts for that model. However, he would have a look around for a second hand part (where?) and if he could find one would send it to me “free, gratis”. I thanked him, but didn’t hold out much hope.

Just two days later a mysterious parcel arrived containing a replacement part (slighty scratched but otherwise fine). Superb! They didn’t even charge me for postage.

Restores one’s faith in humanity. Such Good Customer Service deserves to be named:

The Norwich Shaver Centre, 32 Magdalen Street, Norwich, NR3 1HU. 01603-622083

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