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Fun With Maps

This year, as part of the ongoing SKI project (see Phase 1), we are off on our first trip south of the equator – Train to Machu Picchu. To start the excitement rolling, and to check out where we exactly we will be going, I mapped the itinerary in Google Earth.

If you have Google Earth you can see the KMZ and if you don’t you can see it in Google Maps.

Cheshire, Scotland

Yahoo Maps has a strange opinion about how to spell Macclesfield. It seems to be in Scotland, although the clan MacClesfield is new to me. It’s not just a typo, as you can see from the nearby MacClesfield Forest. Obviously some over-zealous speel chequer, but it doesn’t help Yahoo’s image much.

Where’s Robyn

She’s set off on her round the world trip. Here’s a link to a Google Maps page which shows where she’ll be. If you have Google Earth, you can look directly at the KMZ file.

And if she gets time to update it, you can read her travel blog. There’s an entry she made this morning to at least start you off.